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Stumbled over your website ... Huge compliments on your work,
particularly your fish and fowl items....absolutely fabulous (and I don't send mails like this, ever...!!)
Unfortunately, I live on the other side of the globe, in a land-locked country. Import of anything would take more time, patience, and money than is tempting. The only way would be to come myself and carry it back...hmmmm...I do have an uncle in Deland that I haven't seen in years...
Seriously, I have spent days now scouring the web for stained glass items, my newest passion (don't know why, it just hit me..). I say again that your items, along with old Frank Lloyd Wright designs are the ones I have found I have come back to time and time again... Both these are so free of the rather musty feel of traditional designs, as nice as those sometimes can be. I can now identify one of your items simply by glancing at the picture.. Your style is unique and it is very rare to get the eyes and the twist of the body of a bird or fish to be as natural and correct as you do.
Again, all compliments to a fine craftswoman!
T Straight
Honorary Norwegian Consul to Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia


Hi Carol,

What AWESOME fishies....thank you, thank you!!!  The colors in the Clown Butterflyfish are so gorgeous...especially that ocean blue water color for his body.  You did an excellent job on my Blue-Striped Surgeonfish...thanks again Carol!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! 
Best fishes for a fantastic week!
H Topalian
Irvine. CA 


Hi Carol,
    The fish have floated ashore!!  Just before the snowstorm too!  Oh Carol, what can I say, they are simply gorgeous!  I am going to rearrange my whole fish collection this weekend (hubby is going to be THRILLED lol) and they will be hung then.  Your work is amazing!  You know I always check back to see your newest creations!  I will let you know when I try the recipe!  Enjoy your warm weather - wish I were there! 
J Sorrentino
Middle Village, NY

Hi Carol,
I just received the stained glass African Grey and I want to thank you for making my day! It is gorgeous and I am truly delighted. I recently adopted an African Grey Congo baby and I was thrilled when I saw this piece. My house here in Michigan is up for sale and I plan to move back to Florida as soon as it sells. This piece will look wonderful in my future home in FL. African Grey art is really hard to find and your work is pure magic!  I will certainly recommend your website to my parrot loving friends.
J Siler
Clarkston, MI

Hi Carol,
The fish arrived and it is exquisite.
Best wishes,
A Oria
San Juan, PR

M Field
Corpus Christi, Texas

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