Hot & Painted                

                                           Island Glass of Wine

Hand Painted Crystal & Glass


Crystal Martini Glass (each)

Crystal Martini Glass (pair) 

Martini Glasses.jpg (12973 bytes) 
          Martini Glasses
           $35.00  each
            $60.00  pair

Crystal Grapes Wine Glass (each) 

Crystal Grapes Carafe

                    Grape Glasses.jpg (15128 bytes)
                         Crystal Grapes
               Wine Glasses & Carafe
              Glasses     $30.00  each
                  Carafe     $50.00
All of the glassware on this page has been hand painted.  The glassware has been heat treated and can withstand being cleaned in the dishwasher.  All pieces are original designs.  

Crystal Tropical Fish Wine Glass (each) 

 Crystal Tropical Fish Carafe 
       Tropical Fish Glasses.jpg (18260 bytes)
                Crystal Tropical Fish
           Wine Glasses & Carafe
          Glasses     $30.00  each
               Carafe     $50.00

Crystal Tropical Fish Wine Glasses (Set of 6)

            Tropical Fish Wine Glasses.jpg (14410 bytes) 
               Crystal Tropical Fish
                 Wine Glasses
              $150.00  Set of 6


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