Wine Time              

Slumped Glass                                  


Island Glass of Wine

Copyright - VAu 584-672
    Its_Wine_Time.jpg (8966 bytes) 
   "It's Wine Time"

              It's Wine Time Again.jpg (13821 bytes)
        "It's Wine Time Again"

       Lefty-Almost Wine Time.jpg (15186 bytes)
"Lefty" Almost Wine Time

       Wine Time Clock©
                   How do you tell time?

These whimsical clocks make a great addition to any home.  They are first emptied the old fashioned way...
Sip, SipThey are then slumped in a kiln, drilled, painted, and heated again to set in the paint.  The clock works are then added & Voilà!
It's Wine Time!

*Please Specify Red or White Grapes
                                        $65.00 each

                    Lefty Pouring.jpg (14562 bytes)
                        "Lefty" Pouring
           Righty-Almost Wine Time.jpg (14202 bytes)
  "Righty" Almost Wine Time


Righty Pouring.jpg (13967 bytes)
         "Righty" Pouring

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